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    Deus Ex – DuClare Chateau piano arrangement

    —— April 27th, '15

    My piano arrangement of the DuClare Chateau music track from the original Deus Ex, with sheet music. (It’s probably not exactly the way I play it in my recording as it rarely is when I’m making an arrangement.)

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    Music as streams of consciousness

    —— April 11th, '15

    Having played the piano for most of my life, it’s become an indivisible part of who I am, more than just an activity. It’s been a while now, and the instrument and I are more entwined than ever. Sometimes I rely on it to express feelings for which there are no words, or those which should not be talked about.

  • Thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition

    —— February 10th, '15

    The third entry in the Dragon Age franchise saw the departure of two-time composer Inon Zur in favour of film and TV composer Trevor Morris. Although the game is good, in spite of its flaws, the music this time around is a disappointment.

  • Metro 2033 Title Theme arrangement

    —— October 29th, '14

    This is my arrangement of the title theme to Metro 2033. It’s more mellow and softer than the original. I’ve included two versions of the tab; either for the arrangement as presented with both the guitar and electric bass or a version for solo guitar.

  • #Gamergate, online discussions and how we all seem to hate each other

    —— October 15th, '14

    I’d like to think that the internet makes some people behave in a way they wouldn’t normally had the interaction taken place face to face. Then again, with how divisive absolutely everything is right now, maybe the internet is actually more honest, and revealing rather than corrupting.

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