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  • pillars-of-eternity

    On Pillars of Eternity

    —— June 24th, '15

    Pillars of Eternity is one of those games that prove the Kickstarter funding path to be viable. That, perhaps, is what’s most important about it, but there are nevertheless a lot of other things that are interesting, to say the least.

  • mass_effect_3_ending_banner

    Mass Effect 3 – ‘An End Once and for All’ piano arrangement

    —— June 13th, '15

    My piano arrangement of ‘An End Once and for All’ from Mass Effect 3, with sheet music. Made in late 2013.

  • sense8_witcher3

    On Sense8 and The Witcher 3; diversity done right

    —— June 6th, '15

    After a few years of talking (read: childishly fighting) about diversity and inclusivity, it seems we’ve finally reached a point where we can see what the end stage of the pursuit will look like. However, it is marred by a group of people who are the exact same problem they purport to fight.

  • lee_clementine_banner

    Diversity in video games; teaching and tarnishing empathy

    —— May 28th, '15

    I think spending too much time on the internet can divorce a person from the real world. We get into a state where basic human empathy isn’t in gear because it’s not used to online communication. This gets worse the more different you are. We’re trying our best to make our entertainment media more accepting, and it has its ups and downs.

  • The UK needs proportional representation

    —— May 8th, '15

    So, the UK general elections were held yesterday. The Tories retained their government and this time with an own majority; in other words, their coalition with the Liberal Democrats is gone. That is one problem. The second is that this time around, many millions of votes cast were for nothing.

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