Daniel Ran
  • The UK needs proportional representation

    —— May 8th, '15

    So, the UK general elections were held yesterday. The Tories retained their government and this time with an own majority; in other words, their coalition with the Liberal Democrats is gone. That is one problem. The second is that this time around, many millions of votes cast were for nothing.

  • paid_mods_and_the_comfort_of_polarity_banner

    Paid mods and the comfort of polarity

    —— May 1st, '15

    A little while ago, Valve introduced paid mods to the Steam Workshop for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The experiment lasted less than a week, after a massive backlash from the community resulted in a veritable echo of last autumn’s #GamerGate. And, like with all other controversial topics, this one was filled with people clinging onto the kind of black and white thinking that causes the majority of internet drama.

  • deusexduclarechateaubanner

    Deus Ex – DuClare Chateau piano arrangement

    —— April 27th, '15

    My piano arrangement of the DuClare Chateau music track from the original Deus Ex, with sheet music. (It’s probably not exactly the way I play it in my recording as it rarely is when I’m making an arrangement.)

  • streamsofconsciousnessbanner

    Music as streams of consciousness

    —— April 11th, '15

    Having played the piano for most of my life, it’s become an indivisible part of who I am, more than just an activity. It’s been a while now, and the instrument and I are more entwined than ever. Sometimes I rely on it to express feelings for which there are no words, or those which should not be talked about.

  • Thoughts on Dragon Age: Inquisition

    —— February 10th, '15

    The third entry in the Dragon Age franchise saw the departure of two-time composer Inon Zur in favour of film and TV composer Trevor Morris. Although the game is good, in spite of its flaws, the music this time around is a disappointment.

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