Daniel Ran
  • Leaving London

    —— October 16th, '15

    At time of writing, I’m surrounded by boxes and a small pile of my personal belongings. I’ve known that tomorrow was coming for months, and I’m not unhappy that it has, but I have a feeling that its impact won’t fully hit me until it’s over. Tomorrow, I will be leaving London.

  • Node.js and the event-based paradigm

    —— August 4th, '15

    Lately, I’ve spent most of my downtime writing a first application in Node.js, the runtime environment based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. Running JavaScript on the server sounds funny at first sight, but the more I’ve gotten into it, the more I think it’s a sign of a coming paradigm shift in web development.

  • music-as-streams-of-consciousness-part-2-banner

    Music as streams of consciousness, part 2

    —— July 14th, '15

    It’s been three months since last so I figured it’s time to make another crossfade of music as streams of consciousness. Mostly films this time, as I haven’t quite found the time to play as many video games. There’s also been a relative lack of games which have interested me.

  • pillars-of-eternity

    On Pillars of Eternity

    —— June 24th, '15

    Pillars of Eternity is one of those games that prove the Kickstarter funding path to be viable. That, perhaps, is what’s most important about it, but there are nevertheless a lot of other things that are interesting, to say the least.

  • mass_effect_3_ending_banner

    Mass Effect 3 ‘An End Once and for All’ piano arrangement

    —— June 13th, '15

    My piano arrangement of ‘An End Once and for All’ from Mass Effect 3, with sheet music. Made in late 2013.

  • sense8_witcher3

    Diversity done right; Sense8 and The Witcher 3

    —— June 6th, '15

    After a few years of talking (and arguing) about diversity, it seems we’ve finally reached a point where we can see what the end stage of the pursuit will look like. On the one hand is Sense8, a TV show starring people from all over the world, and on the other, a fantasy tale borne of Polish culture and folklore.

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